Monday, June 1, 2009

Lights! Camera! Toys!

A friend gave me this softbox awhile back, but never used it due to the lack of the light stand & I didn't know how to put the cone together... Untill this weekend a photographer friend of mine visited me, taught me how to put it up & gave me the missing stand the next day :) Play around with it but was not able to get the flash to sync with my low tech camera :(

Took a few picts of my new buys for the last 2 weeks...
Spec Figures 4:

4572 Patch-Eye Ghost Pirate:

4595 Palace Guard:

4611 Royal Guard:

Great playmobil finds from a collector who is giving it up! More please!

1 comment:

LEon said...

Nice! I still have not get a proper lighting for myself. :(

Good score for the royal guards. 10 of them so more!

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