Monday, October 27, 2008

P for Public Holiday, P for Pirate, P for Playmobil

More pirates & a queen...

3936 Pirate Captain

3937 Pirate & Row Boat

4293 Pirate Captain

4651 Cleopatra

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Toyogo Lighting System

The Toyogo Lighting System is a cheap lighting for small product shoots at home & is DIY too. Talk-cock sessions over coffee with a Digital Touch-up artists friend resulted in the making of tis. The idea started out as a cardboard light-box with tracing paper soon became something a bit more advance, steady, easier to use & quick to stow away, & yet still affordable to produce.
My friend shared the idea with his father & some how got his dad to make it (so... do exploit tis avenue). It was once used to do simple product shots for his touch-up work, but since gettin a real lighting system he has been stopped usin the these lights. Recently he pass them to me knowing I will have better use for it. Now I just need a better camera...

The system in action:

I use my Lazy-lay chair as a infinity back drop, but it is only good for smaller objects.

what went into makin it:
2 Toyogo tupperware
4 Energy savin daylight bulbs
4 Bulbs screw-on holder
2 Cheap pan/tilt tripod
Reflective silver sticker/foil
Wires & plugs
Screw & nuts
Unwanted hard plastic wire casing

Mom's best friend

Cut a small opening on the side of the lid allows the wire to be store inside the container.
Stack up tupperware to save space.

Bulbs holders fasten to container with screw & nuts, both bulbs are on a one wire parallel linked up Reflective silver sticker/foil are stuck across the whole container inner surface.

Small pieces of hard plastic give extra support for the screws & act as a point to fix the tripod base plate.
Tripod base plate screwed into tupperware...

...makes it easy to put the lights up or remove from the tripod legs.

Some picts I took with the lights...

More New Playmobil & Something From The Past...

Playmobil buys these two days

4177 Knight Carry Case:

4219 Pirate Carry Case:

The pair for $40 on clearance over at CSC.

4491 Rabbit Pen:

One of the items on discounts @ Action Toys / Kid Story Tangling Mall branch

4650 Scary Ghost:

4657 Royal Queen:

4662 One Eyed Pirate:

4663 Royal King:

4665 Camp Cowboy:

4678 Musketeer:

... & a brand new pair of 10th anniversary Air Rift II at a shoe sale.

I bought the same pair from this shop 2-3 years back, they must have forgotten what they had in the storeroom. This is my 3rd pair of rift in this colourway, havin owned the original 12 years ago, the reissue that I still wear & this new one for when my current pair gives up on me!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Robots, Guns & A Frog!

Never a good idea to visit toy shops after work...

CM's Master Action Series - Blocker Corp Machine Blaster:

Half of my Blocker Corp Machine Blaster has arrived! Sundaio & BossPalder are the first pair to be released. Robocules & Bullcaesar should be here in early November. Not an anime thats known to many locally, these were the only two boxes brought in by TFH for neoconvoy & myself. Many thanx to the guys at TFH.

Revoltech #63 Ricky:

Now waiting the dog character to complete the family

Hot Toys Modern Firearms Collection Series 4:

Great picts of the contents found at Shaun's blog

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playmobil Pirates

My muffin got me an excellent Playmobil Pirate Flagship for my birthday!
Thank you!

3940 Pirate Flagship:

& tat got me started on a new toy front: Playmobil!
I been tryin very hard to stay clear of Playmobil for a long time, as it is not the most affordable toys, & to go back to look for what I have missed out thru the years is scary. The quality & durability of the toy is amazing, I still have the 4 figures from my childhood & they look very good for their age despite all the "adventures" I put them thru. The pirate ship sure made me wanna go out & buy wat I did not have as a child! I wish to focus on the pirate line for now... but I think tis is only the beginning of more un-controllable buyin...

3939 Pirate Crew:

4654 Pirate:

4658 Deep Sea Diver:

4671 Ghost Pirate:

5814 Pirate & Corsair:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Check Out Chewie Crib!

I found this clip on youtube done by ma50nwilliam5 in the style of MTV Cribs (tour of celebrities homes). Funny!

I am one of those guilty party for buying the Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon but have not taken it out to play... I hope to break it out when I have my display/workshop room done up (which is takin way too long). However I was lucky enuff to have played with Alex's new Star Wars Millennium Falcon during a visit to his new crib, (yes! he has non 1/6 toys too). The new Millennium Falcon is one toy tat no respectable SW fans can afford to miss!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mötley Crüe rocks Singapore!

On route to Tokyo, Mötley Crüe made a stop over here! After surviving all those years of addictions to alcohol & drugs, brushes with the law & serving jail time, & of coz Pamela Anderson... They still rock-ed! Tho' they have aged & put on a few pounds, but seeing them live was a dream come true!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My own Super Hero / Villain Nike Dunk Designs

You can make your own dunk designs over @, have fun!
Here are sum of my creations, do let me know which ones you like?

The Boy Wonder:

Green Lantern Crop:

The Green Goblin:

Transformers Rodimus:

Getter Robo 1:

& Marvin The Martian:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Super Hero / Villain Nike Dunk High Pack

Dropping soon at select Nike SB stores will be the Super Heroes/Villains pack. Inspiration from iconic characters including Batman, Spiderman and the Storm Trooper from Star Wars (Shadow troopers?), all three gets a suede/leather treatment following each respective characters color scheme.

SB Dunk Mid Batman

SB Dunk Mid Spiderman

SB Dunk High Storm Trooper (Shadow Trooper?)

Just drop tis month...

SB Dunk High - Boba Fett

Real kicks is damn kool! Should I or shouldn't I?

Sample (hope they get produce)

Nike Dunk Low SB - Joker

Inspired by one of the best villains we’ve seen in a long time,
especially becasue of the marvelous performance by Heath Ledger. Inspired by the Joker’s clothing, and sport a green and purple colorway. No word yet on a specific release date but it is rumored that they will be released sometime during Spring 09

some throwbacks
(official ones, too many custom ones to list)...
Jul 2008
Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro - TMNT Donatello (Baroque Brown / Radiant Green)

This is one of my favourite pair of dunks & it features a brown suede upper with green leather inserts, as well as purple laces.

Dec 2007

Adidas x Star Wars - The Force Consortium Pack

They are called and the black pair reflects the darkside (Darth Vader) while the tan pair reflects Yoda and the Rebel Alliance.

Oct 2007

Nike Womens Sample Dunk High - The original Storm Trooper Dunk High

This particular color-way is a little reminiscent of the SW Stormtrooper, but it is a forgotten pair now a days. A few pairs manage to hit eBay.

May 2004

The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB - Jedi / Yoda (khaki / baroque brown / safari)

Given that nickname because the neon laces that the shoes come with resemble a lightsaber. To go along with the neon laces, the Nike Dunk SB Jedi feature a neon green heel tab and contrast stitching throughout. The rest of the upper consists of green leather with grey suede inserts. The brown midsole and Nike swoosh seem weird at first, but do mix well with the rest of the colorway.

Mar 2003

Nike Dunk High Pro SB - Hulk (camper green / black / deep forest)

This was Nike SB’s third all suede dunk high, this one featured a variety of green shades hence the Nike Dunk SB Hulk nickname. They were initially looked passed but now are highly sought by collectors and fanatics alike.

All info via hypebeast & kicksonfire
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