Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Transformers vs iPhone

Miss out on tis two TFA the 1st time around,
so the Metro 20% was good chance to get it!
Megatron is excellent, his helicopter mode is great fun!
Cant figure out why Prowl has a traffic light for a pet dog!!?

They ought to call tis the Hype-phone! After takin over a year to reach
our shores,
I was done fiddling with it in 10mins. (waited 3 times longer at
the telcom
to be served) Cant recall any of my past low tech phones tat kept
interested for less then 10mins...

No user manual was included, google for a PDF version online...
(& tat is not even an official one put out by apple)
Beside having the same phone as all your mates,
many more uncle & unties will having the same phone too,
tat just helps to up the "un-cool" factor for the Hype-phone!

... & a display cabinet from Ng Collection for all my 1/6th Nike shoes!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Most Expensive Toy Ever Made??!!

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
"Halloween Town" Diorama Collection Set,
I cant understand most of the katagana below...
but one thing stood out:
2,367,000円 = SGD$30,531.80
Yup! that S$30K for
Halloween Town (could it be a typo error)
I could made down payment for a small house with tat!

メーカー: ジュンプランニング
サイズ: 1/4(幅241cm×奥行193cm×高83cm)
詳細: 彩色済みジオラマ完成品
発売日: 2008年発売予定(詳しい納期はご注文時にご連絡差し上げます)


ティム・バートン原作「ナイトメアー・ビフォア・クリスマス」より、主人公ジャック・スケリントン達が暮らす「ハロウィン・タウン」が1/4スケール(※ スタジオで使用された実物と比較)でジオラマ化!!①「Dragon Fountain Square and Town Hall」「Cat Mansion」「Dr.Finkelstein's House」「Main Gate」「Guillotine Street」「Jack's House」「Octopus House」といった街を形成する全7種のブロックを組み合わせることで巨大な「ハロウィン・タウン」が完成します。劇中の雰囲気をそっくりそのまま再現 した素晴らしいジオラマ作品です。真の映画ファン、ティム・バートンマニアに贈る至高のアイテム。我こそはと言う方は是非っ!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

a nightmare on greek street

Seen @ Lazarides Gallery, london, UK (until august 22, 2008)
Titled "a nightmare on greek street", by british artist Ben Turnbull.

Ben has created a body of work that is described by the gallery as:
'a call to action - shocking and interactive. using found objects, toy props
and americana, he has constructed a world of nightmares that begs us to
get involved, to come out from behind the safety of the sofa and play with
the work. turnbull uses old-fashioned mould-making techniques, hand carved
woodwork and a hunter-gatherer's approach in hoarding vast quantities of
beloved children’s toys for a concept that ultimately wants to reach out and
re-teach what’s been forgotten.'

more pictures @ flickr
full article @ designboom

L: bring me the head of saddam hussein, 2008 - fibre glass
R: self portrait, 2008 - acrylic on canvas

DOA series 1 - dismembered man, 2007

DOA series - bomb blast man, 2007

who ya gonna call?, 2008 - mixed media

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MMS Yoko

Many thanx to
neoconvoy for getting me this beauty!
We been eyeing this for awhile, but was unable to
get it in the 1st release!
Sad to see Konami's MMS is not doing so well here & in
Japan, I guess is a price point thingy...

Monday, August 18, 2008

The damages for the last 2 weeks...

Hot Toys figures: The Joker & US Ranger with SCAR
Excellent review & lots of picts of The Joker over at

Alex Teo's & Shaun Wong's blog


TFA: Lockdown & Ultra Magnus

& if tat is not enuff...
7eleven chain of stores also has 1/6th scale food & refreshments
for your figures! Comes with a mini fridge, a food chiller & 8 boxes
of various food & drinks - all for a portion of Re-ment pricing!

There's a snake tat's my boot...

...Terminator High Supreme!

Lots of fake snake skin & 3M reflective material, there will be
no more road kill when the snake cross the road in them!

A Mita store limited edition, only available in Japan.
It the most expensive kicks i have so far...
hopefully it stays tat way for a long long time.

Many thanx to Kent-san in Tokyo for all the help in hunting down
tis snake!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Many Peking ducks died to bring you this Olympics...

Ever wonder how many of them are being consume during this Olympics?
At the bottom of the medal tally, there ought to be a tally for the ducks!

This Peking Duck Tee is a collaboration among Whiz, Kazuki, and ACU
as a project to show Beijing spirits as well as celebrate the Olympics.
The tee comes in white and black with bold and juicy duck graphics that
takes a more humorous side to the competitions.
Available now at ACU store in Shanghai and ACU Pop-Up store in Beijing.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fewture Works Die-Cast Machine Blasterer

Oh my! More $$$ to Fewture Works next year...

Monday, August 4, 2008

TFA: Oil Slick

The latest member to my TFA collection

tats a mean lookin bike...

One more for the bad guys!

F.C.R.B. 2008-2009 Autumn/Winter Collection

1/6th scale figure were seen in F.C.R.B. latest Autumn/Winter Collection

F.C. Real Bristol or commonly known as just F.C.R.B.
is another brand under Hirofumi Kiyonaga’s belt
(he also creative directs SOPHNET. and uniform experiment).
F.C.R.B. is based off a fictional soccer team where Hirofumi
creates sporty yet stylish pieces every season.
For F.C.R.B.’s 2008-2009 Autumn/Winter season, Hirofumi
has chosen the color black for a lot of their pieces.

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