Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now & Then

Never realize the skyline changing from my window until you place them side by side...
Aug 2009

May 2007

Clear diff in 2 years...
The Flyer is up & running
F1 Pit-Stop building into it's 2nd year
Sands Casino is almost completed
Concourse shopping wing torn down
DHL Ballon flew away
The Pinnacle@Duxton almost completed
Hotel Ibis completed
Ion resident tower almost completed
... & so many more cranes can be seen on the right side

Friday, August 21, 2009

DX Version Of The Bat Tumbler

Dark Knight Tumbler Go Kart. See more at T-man's Karts site.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1/6 Haul

Is been awhile since I gotten any 1/6 stuff. So these are what I got in two weeks!
Hot Toys Batman Tumbler:

Ironman MK2 is place there to give an idea of the box size. Excellent workmanship from Hot Toys. Too good to miss. Check out these amazing picture @ Testicular Fortitude

Hot Toys Ironman Mark 2:

Sgt. Barracks British Gear:

DID Asian Head Set:

& somethiing non 1/6...
JLU Batman Beyond 3 Pack:

Thanx to Alvin for picking this up for me!

Playmobil 3770 Colorado Springs Station

Third of the Playmobil western train must haves!
3770 Colorado Springs Station:

Now the search for the windmill begins...

...& an ATZ warehouse find,
4629 Indian Child with Pony:
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