Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let's Play!

Sumtimes one doesn't know how much toys they have until is all laid out to be seen. Here is a large portion of loose figures I have purchased in the last 3.5 months. Prices ranges approx from SGD$2 to $4 each with avarage of $1.20 for postage per figure. Sum seller even gave free figures on top of my prchases, thanx! I don't mind my playmobil's loose as long as they are still in good condition. Some came as lot buys, so I will be trading off those that don't fit into my themes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

So Much Playmobil, So Little Time

Whatz Inside Box 3? Here are a few that were easier to recognize...
3174 Red Pirate Ship:

Got tis at a bargain since the box was soaked by water, but water does no harm to Playmobil. Not even the stickers are affected in any way!

5342 Fish Stand:

5344 Pet Shop:

Tho' from the Victorian theme, I think both sets are useful for my pirate & western theme.

The following set had their boxes discarded or it came loose (official products shots used here),

3938 Pirate Lagoon:

From the same "soaked" seller, the original box was way too big so it was discarded in the US.

3111 Naval Artillery:

3113 Soldiers with Sea robber:

3127 SuperSet Pirates:

Among all the loose parts I was able to put together tis two,
5727 Pirate Dungeon:

5746 Treehouse:

Other stuff thatz not from Box 3... DHL delivered these on Sunday,

3766 Water Tower:

My first holy grail from the western train line! It is in near mint condition. It came from a train collector rather then a playmobil collector.

3805 Snake River Ranch:

... & a gift from my co-worker who is also a Playmobil addict,

4979 Diver Game:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Playmobil 3802 Mclaren's Goldmine

Tis one is a real beauty! A must have!

Monday, February 9, 2009

1/6th Scale Nike Dunk High

As accurate as the real deal: 8 holes for the lace, stitching at all the rite places, padded lining & the little ear loop at the back heel. Looks sole real, no one will blame you if you mistook these for a Michael Lau or Coolrain custom job (except the master duo themselves).

Amazing details & quality for a mass production item (中华民国伟大). Available in three colorways. Let's hope there will be more!

Box 3 Of Playmobils Arrived!

Here's a shot of them all left out to dry after their bath...

Thanks to George Langlitz III for making this possible (again). I spend the whole weekend sorting them out & I am still not done yet. I can only see hours & hours of fun ahead.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Sad Day For Playmobil

Hans put a lot of joy in people's lives including mine.
Read more on the Guardian

Gold, Cattle & Playmobil

Got my second box of Playmobil from USA, all made possible with the help of a good friend: George Langlitz III, & Citibank's Borderlinx DHL Service.

3037 Union Gold Transport:

Playmobil used die cast metal to simulate the weight of the gold bars

3768 Silver Ranch:

This vintage set was 98% complete, a minor piece missing & another broken; but made up with two adult cattle from another set, sweet!

3802 Mclarens Goldmine:

Beautiful playset! This will go very well with my miner set. Gold mines & cattle ranches were big industries back in the wild west. I am glad is in the playmobil western theme.

3138 Sailboat:

Hoping to convert this to fit my pirate theme

4277 Caesar:

Have always saw this as a roman politician rather then Caesar, no less it is still a very nice figure

& a recent ATZ 20% off buy, 4652 Indian Chief:

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