Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nike Snowboarding Toy Boots

Nike is releasing a new line called Nike Snowboarding.
Heavily modeled after their iconic AF1 model. reports that Nike is promoting it with toy boots
that bears the same look of the actual thing,
after lookin at pictures
from kicksonfire, I like to think those toys are lookin very 1/6th scale
(am I alone on tis?)

Monday, September 22, 2008

The big bird has landed!

Many thanx to the Birdman for deliverin the Legacy Collection
Millennium Falcon to my place. Tis bird it is huge!

he biggest Millennium Falcon toy so far!
The pictures still fails to show how big it really is;
Check out all the amazing close up picts & review @ the Toy Haven

Sunday, September 21, 2008


...from my living room window

Is moments like tis tat makes me think:
"maybe there really is a god out there..."

... yeah rite, moment over!

back to more toys: Ironman Titanium Man

Many thanx to neoconvoy for helpin me get tis one

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"S" is for Sunday! "S" is for Shopping!

Still bleedin form Saturday, but tats no reason to stop.
Got myself some new releases & some oldies but goodies.

Revoltech #61 Jin Roh Protect Gear:

Nice finishin, fabric area = matt, armor area = gloss,
simple & effective, but many toys makers have gotten it so wrong.

He must be wearing the wrong shoes! I felt his footwear are
too small,
gives him the chicken feet look!
All the weapons colour should have
been in gun metal
vs the silver colour now currently.

Not the best of articulation coming from Revoltech.
The loops tat holds up the shoulder armor gets in the way,
a solution
would be to thin it down with a cutter.
The tube tat runs along the arm
is too short, it popped out
when I try to bend the elbow fully.
Softer & more rubberized material was used for the lower body,

allowing the figure to crouch down, smart!

Far from Revoltech's standards tat we come to know,
guess I have to put off the idea of getting a team of them...

Nike Terminator Supreme - White / Gold:

Nike Terminator Supremes originally hit shelves in 1985 (the first year of the
Air Jordan Production). Originally released
as a basketball sneaker for many
college teams, & now Nike will
re-release this all time favorite in a white/gold colorway.

This colour-way was release exclusively on August 2 at Atmos in Japan.
Glad I got mine locally via LeftFoot.
White kicks never top my list, but when
you put some bling on it,
it turns to gold!

Takara 勇者王ガオガイガー Cyborg Guy (Shishioh):

Cyborg Guy is based on the Takara Henshin Cyborg body,

maybe the only 12" figure tats from the The King of Braves
GaoGaiGar anime.

Hesitated getting it when it was first released, I have been lookin for it
since then, & am I glad to have found it
at the fleamarket for SGD$19,
tho' not MISB, but I am just as happy!

Cyborg Guy is equipped with Ultimate Armor, Will Knife & a light up
(un-tested yet) which is suppose to be a G-Stone-powered mechanical heart,
keeping him alive and giving him superhuman strength.

Hot Toys Weapons M60:

Finally got me the long barrel version!

Revoltech #52 Lazengann:

One sleek mecha from Gurren Lagann, so sleek is fit for a king!
The Lazengann is Lord Genome's personal Gunman. It is very
similar to
the Gurren-Lagann and has the same abilities that the
Lagann can use.
However, it is much stronger and can use more
powerful drill techniques.
Lovely form!

Revoltech #26 EVA-Mass:

Oldie but goodie! Too bad the normal version did not come with
any weapons.
But those wings are just amazing!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Damages...

Lots of red coulour this week...
Revoltech 天元突破 Gurren Lagann Drillized version.
Lots of drill tats sharp & surprisingly strong enuff to hold its shape,
totally not child safe toy, tats why every child out there should have one :)

I gave in... I bought the restock wave of Hasbro's Ironman figures, there was
no MK1 this time around tho', neither did i see any Titanium Man either

Varian of Ironman proto-type, with the mask on!?
Tot i found a gem, but turn out they are all over
the other stores :(
I guess is the new packing for the restock wave

& a Blythe cutie,
hopefully she will be customized into something else real soon :)

SBTG + PHU's "Death from Above" Proto-Type

I was able to get some pictures of a "Death from Above"
proto-type by
SBTG + PHU. My friend got it @ luv price from SBTG,
lucky bastard!

The final product
of "Death from Above" was on Air Force 1,
but the test proto-type here is on a pair of dunks! Yeah!
Personally I would have preferred the produced
"Death from Above"
to have been on a pair of dunk over the AF1 anytime!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Visit To The Bird Shop...

... will make you poorer!

CBT (Very Hot) Tyncorp PMC set:
My 1st VH set, & I was pretty please with wat I got!
I luv the smell of the paint! cant stop smellin it

Decent job of the vest set, which is the highlight of tis set.
Stiching is ok with room for improvement tho.
Vest & belt has velcro on rubber backing,
I found tat they only made the whole vest thicker.
There is a fair bit of details inside the vest,
but none will be seen once it is on the figure.

Luv the 2 water carrier on the back!

Rest of the gear is decent to average,
the boots being the throw away
why didnt VH included the lace up ones from their last release?
You get 4 extra mag clips for 2x M4 mag pouches tat will hold
8 clips. Enuff M203 rounds to fill up all the loops!
Overall the velcro used in this whole set is to thick.
Helmet strap needs a total redo!

No "real" pistol holster!

I like the cutting & patterns of the pants,
a lot of details vs the "unknown" brand tat i have.
I prefer the colour of VH vs the "unknown" brand, (see picts below)
tho it would have been perfect if it was more of a tan shade.
I guess tat will be easily fixed with a tan/buff paint wash!

Ironman Cosbaby:
Got the 3 masked Ironman, hope to display them along side the HT 12",
so finger cross for HT to produce Ironman MK1

Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation Set:
She is too cute to miss & my muffin wanted it too!

... &
Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon:

30% percent larger than the old one, so I left it at the shop,
will carry it back later tis week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Kicks

Nike Vandal High Supreme EX. Metal Pack:
Got tis unique looking Nike Vandal last week,
part 1/2) of the Nike Metal Pack.

Tis kick feature a black upper along with gold accents, as well
as studs across the shoe.
It is said there was a guitar pick hung
on the shoe as well; but I did not find any in
the box :(
Got to luv the wooden lookin soles!
This is a Nike’s Fall 2008 general release.
Next up is the Terminator Metal Pack. Cant wait!

Nike Dunk High Premium 1 Piece - Green (Seafoam/Chlorophyll):
The Nike Dunk High Premium 1 Piece means what it says - ONE piece.
seamless upper tats entirely ONE piece. A special feature is its vintage/retro
look which would go lovely with some stone washed faded denims.

Released back in Feb 08, I waited till it was on 20% marked down.
Too many kicks & too little $$$! I guess for tis is one of those kicks
tat either you luv it or you hate it!

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