Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Haul

HotToys Bank Robber Joker:

Check out a review + great pictures from Da-Man Who Always Gets The Toys First

HotToys British Army Lieutenant:

Revoltech Pierre:

Ashley Wood's Hardcover Popbot & WWR #1 Illustrated:

Both were found @ Kinokuniya's bargain corner for a very attractive price

Friday, November 28, 2008

Storeroom Find: Playmobil

Found two western sets inside my parents' storeroom. Must have been in there for a good 10 years. They were MISB when I left it there. My dad took them out a few years back to let the kid my mom was baby-sitting play with it. The brat broke all the belts/holster of 3729 & lost interests in them right away (kids today... tsk, tsk, tsk). Good thing is... all the joints still tight & no bite marks, almost brand new!

3729 US Artillerie:

3748 Western Bandits:

... & another recent buy,
4659 Roman Fighter:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

Playmobil as Captain Jack Sparrow. Infamous pirate captain in the Caribbean, & commander of the Black Pearl.

Jack Sparrow was made with parts from 4654 & 4662

ATZ steps up to the Playmobil war with some treasure find from their warehouse,
3814 Western Bank Robber:

5781 Captain Peg Leg:

4276 Roman Ship:

Discounted at ATZ,
4272 Roman Tribune on Horse:

... & some Nordic warriors from the land down under
5723 Viking Ship:

New Picts of My Crib

Pictures by Szeling of The Shooting Gallery

Monday, November 24, 2008

Playmobil Great Deals

More great buys from TRU & ATZ. I hope this war carries on, I am luvin every minute of it!

Super deal on 4271 Roman Warriors, tats why I bought 3 boxes!

& six more 4670 Crusader Knights

4667 Magician:

4672 Archer:

& repeats of 4654 & 4662, to custom a very "savvy" pirate captain!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Playtime: Playmobile Pirate Ships

It took me three days to fix up my 3940 & 5736 pirate ships, I have yet to apply the decals. I did not really like the rolled up sail for 5736, so I will be searching for sail replacements.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Review: Merit's SCAR & Toys City's Russian SVT-40

The Merit International SCAR is by far the nicest in the 1/6th market. Excellent sculpt & crisp tooling. But the QC was a bit let down tho'

My black SCAR had a bend barrel & a nozzle almost breaking off.

While the tan SCAR was missing a fore sight.

Guess those extra barrels from the Toy Soldier SCAR rifle set will come in handy now.
Set came with 2x slings, 4x magazine clips, 1x scope, 1x fore-grip, 1x laser pointer, 1x 40mm grenade launcher & 3x 40mm rounds. A bit lacking in the attachment department.

On the other hand Toys City's Russian SVT-40 is very well done, quality on par with DML weapons. I think for a small size company it is very impressive. Set included two leather pouches of different sizes. Rifle came with a tan sling as well. Here Toys City chose to make an early version of a SVT-40.

The SVT rifle was produced in the model 40 configuration from 1940 thru 1945. It was the first mass issued semi automatic weapon in service with a major power. It's detachable magazine clip held 10 rds of 7.62mm ammunition and a integral muzzle break was standard for this weapon.
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