Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1/6 Haul

Is been awhile since I gotten any 1/6 stuff. So these are what I got in two weeks!
Hot Toys Batman Tumbler:

Ironman MK2 is place there to give an idea of the box size. Excellent workmanship from Hot Toys. Too good to miss. Check out these amazing picture @ Testicular Fortitude

Hot Toys Ironman Mark 2:

Sgt. Barracks British Gear:

DID Asian Head Set:

& somethiing non 1/6...
JLU Batman Beyond 3 Pack:

Thanx to Alvin for picking this up for me!


deSMOnd said...

Bro, remember to upload your batmobile pictures once you have them..Super awesome!!

LEon said...

Wow you have been saving $$ for these. No wonder no updates from your blog.

Are you joining us this friday for the STGCC at suntec 7pm?

Little Plastic Man said...

please upload pics of the tumbler! Can't wait to see it.

cosmicbaby said...

Sorry guys, I have not taken the tumbler out as I was lazy to fix it up... Toy Haven & Testicular Fortitude should have some stunning pictures up soon!

Leon, I have not gotten my STCC pass yet, & I have no idea which day is for, will let you know.

The Rebel said...

Holy toledo, Batman! (as Robin would've said in the 60s)....that's one huge thingamajiggy.....the Tumbler's box itself is humongous!

How much didja buy that one Mr Cosmicbaby?

cosmicbaby said...

The Rebel:
Hi, the suggested retails price is approx USD$430 in Singapore. & I heard it is going for USD$550 in the after market now.

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