Monday, December 21, 2009

Playmobil 4478 Deep Sea Diving Bell

An early X'mas gift from Jas. The diving bell is from the new Nautical Expedition line. The toys is so much nicer out of the box! The mechanical arm swing in most directions, twin propeller rotates & spins. It also has metal weights (disguised as floats) to make sure it will sink to the bottom of the ocean. Not recommended for kids who wishes to play with it off the jetty.

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LEon said...

Cool submarine! Are you really going to take this into the waters?

cosmicbaby said...

I dont have a pool or a bath tub at my current place, but playmobil are the more durable toys around. In fact their new Nautical Expedition line is meant to be play in water!

paulalimdissima said...

vc tem um bom gosto

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