Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Happy Halloween! From Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas comes the king & queen of Halloween Town: Jack Skeleton & Sally. Made by Jun Planning of Japan in 1998, tis the glow in the dark version & was limited to 6000 pieces.

Resized JPEG graphic

The couple comes packed in a coffin.

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The insides of the box is nicely printed.

Resized JPEG graphic

Jack has a super skinny stick body. He stands approx. 41cm (16 inches) tall. Skiny frame feels fragile. Articulation is also limited.

Resized JPEG graphic

Sally has even less articulation with her hard & heavy rubber body. Think 5 point articulation. She is approx. 36cm (14 inces) tall.

Resized JPEG graphic

Sally comes with a basket full of halloween goodies, glow in the dark as well.

Resized JPEG graphic

The detail, styling & likeness of the figures (to the movie) makes up for all the lack of articulation & playability. The pair goes well standing next to other 1/6 animated figures. You cant go wrong with Jun Planning's Nightmare B4 Xmaz line of toys!


LEon said...

I don't think the figurine can carry the basket right? it is a good collection nonetheless.

cosmicbaby said...

Correct Leon, the only way for Sally to hold it is over her shoulders, but her arm will be in a funny position then.

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