Friday, July 18, 2008

Dinobots are so cute!

Picked up this TFA Dinobot from my fav toy store yesterday
afternoon, here are a few quick shots of it!

I can't seem to get the dino head to sit nicely into the
chest slot, will have to play around it a bit more.
His power club looks a bit different from pictures i have
seen via collectors in Hong Kong.


toysrevil said...

darnnit, that looks really cool :)

neoconvoy said...

the loose pieces have to pick carefully, as i notice they have quite a few QC 2 loose Blizwing have loose nose cones, and one have a missing exhaust vent...also my jazz is missing an exhaust vent also...must be something wrong with me and exhaust vents...and my soundwave seems to have the same issue with your snarl...

but the dinobots are damn should pick up grimlock and swoop to complete your collection !!!

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