Friday, July 18, 2008

Nike x St. Pauli Hi Dunk Premium

Finally my Nike x St. Pauli Hi Dunk is here!
My most expensive Dunk so far!
Many of you will ask what the fuck is
tis St. Pauli???
Surprisingly it is not a hip fashion line nor a hot designer, but a
soccer club currently in the German Bundesliga division 2

Nike along with FC St. Pauli has produced a Dunk Pack to show
the rebel notoriety that the club is known for. Consisting of a Nike Dunk Hi
and Dunk Lo, the Dunk Hi comes,in black the Dunk Lo in white with both
featuring unique imagery and tagging. The use of premium leathers, suede,
ostrich skin on the swoosh and woven
laces will make both of these Dunks
highly sought after.

The fans adopted the skull and crossbones as their logo in the 1980's and
that along with their actual team logo (found on the white Lo Dunk) have
been a staple in every jersey.

The Nike x FC St. Pauli Dunk Pack was released in mid May.
The white Lo Dunk (limited to 250) was released exclusively in Germany,
Austria and Switzerland. While The Dunk High was available in other European
countries (limited to 500).

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