Thursday, August 21, 2008

a nightmare on greek street

Seen @ Lazarides Gallery, london, UK (until august 22, 2008)
Titled "a nightmare on greek street", by british artist Ben Turnbull.

Ben has created a body of work that is described by the gallery as:
'a call to action - shocking and interactive. using found objects, toy props
and americana, he has constructed a world of nightmares that begs us to
get involved, to come out from behind the safety of the sofa and play with
the work. turnbull uses old-fashioned mould-making techniques, hand carved
woodwork and a hunter-gatherer's approach in hoarding vast quantities of
beloved children’s toys for a concept that ultimately wants to reach out and
re-teach what’s been forgotten.'

more pictures @ flickr
full article @ designboom

L: bring me the head of saddam hussein, 2008 - fibre glass
R: self portrait, 2008 - acrylic on canvas

DOA series 1 - dismembered man, 2007

DOA series - bomb blast man, 2007

who ya gonna call?, 2008 - mixed media

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