Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Transformers vs iPhone

Miss out on tis two TFA the 1st time around,
so the Metro 20% was good chance to get it!
Megatron is excellent, his helicopter mode is great fun!
Cant figure out why Prowl has a traffic light for a pet dog!!?

They ought to call tis the Hype-phone! After takin over a year to reach
our shores,
I was done fiddling with it in 10mins. (waited 3 times longer at
the telcom
to be served) Cant recall any of my past low tech phones tat kept
interested for less then 10mins...

No user manual was included, google for a PDF version online...
(& tat is not even an official one put out by apple)
Beside having the same phone as all your mates,
many more uncle & unties will having the same phone too,
tat just helps to up the "un-cool" factor for the Hype-phone!

... & a display cabinet from Ng Collection for all my 1/6th Nike shoes!

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