Monday, December 15, 2008

X'mas Surprise & Weekend Haul

Got an early X'mas surprise from my regular toy store :)
DID British Empire series - 24th Regiment Of Foot:

DID Napoleonic series - 15th The King's Hussars:

... & some of my new buys over the last 2 weekends
4664 Puppet Show:

5817 Tribune & Gladiator:

SOC GX44s:

TFA Shockwave:
Neat piece tat has 3 modes...

Decepticon Shockwave mode

Autobot Long Arm mode
& one tat suppose to "look like a tank"


deSMOnd said...

Great scores for the two DID products..Swee!!

LEon said...

Hey I saw 2 of your buys I like!
Tribune & Gladiator Playmobil and Animated Shockwave! Will try going down this sunday. Hehehe

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