Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Few Purchases For 2008

CM's Master Action Series - Blocker Corp Machine Blaster Part 2:

After a month's delay Robocules & Bullcaesar is finally here! My Blocker Corp Machine Blaster is now complete with the earlier Sundaio & BossPalder release! With the raising Yen$ I am thankful that tis is the last Japanese toy for me in 08'.

Playmobil 4579 Spirit:

Hot Toys Bat Pod:

Seen here with my SIC Batman, no idea why I took a pict with that in it?!
Check out tis excellent pictures & reviews by Alex the 1:6 Guru & Shaun the Pre-premature Shooter!

With 13 hours more to 2009, & TRU's New Year Eve 20% special... can I still cram in sum last minute shopping?

I did make it to the TRU sale & picked up my last buy for 2008,
Playmobil 3997
Three Wise Kings:

... & a gift from Jorge, another playmobil & 1/6 collector;
Playmobil 4581
Pirate & Skull:

Bye 2008!

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