Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Transformers Animated

3 more TFAs to the collection!
The Dinobot Swoop is the coolest by far!

The way of the crane... peace & harmony from within...

What is tis!!! Disturbance in the balance...

With this knowledge comes responsibility...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I know wat my next REVOLTECH buy will be tis Sept...
or should I say "buys"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adorable Batman family by Dustin Nguyen

Amazing illustration by Dustin Nguyen
(22" x 15", 300lb softpress watercolor)

Dustin Nguyen did a Marvel super-deformed awhile back too

I think they will make great posters for any toy room!
(& lovely desktop pictures too)

Monday, July 21, 2008

ブロッカー軍団Ⅳマシーンブラスター Blocker Corp Machine Blasterer

Finally is here? Finally I can get them in toy form?
Tis morning, together with
neoconvoy I have place my order
for the 1st wave release (of San-Dai-Oh & Boss-Palder)
my fingers are crossed!

I guess not many people know of the Machine Blasterer,
in short another japanese macha anime from the early 80s,
while Macross was on air in Singapore,
I only had Machine Blasterer
in Malaysia;
& it was dubbed in malay: "Tempei berhati-hati!!"
But I only got to watch the last 5 mins after rushing home from school,
many times i only manage to catch the closing theme song :(

I am glad neoconvoy wants it as much as me,
then again, neoconvoy wants every single toy...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dinobots are so cute!

Picked up this TFA Dinobot from my fav toy store yesterday
afternoon, here are a few quick shots of it!

I can't seem to get the dino head to sit nicely into the
chest slot, will have to play around it a bit more.
His power club looks a bit different from pictures i have
seen via collectors in Hong Kong.

Surprise + Surprise

Serene got me this green Pastel chair from the O&M office
re-renovation & an
embroidered cap from Andrew on his LA trip,
great stuff & excellent for my mid life crisis!

Nike x St. Pauli Hi Dunk Premium

Finally my Nike x St. Pauli Hi Dunk is here!
My most expensive Dunk so far!
Many of you will ask what the fuck is
tis St. Pauli???
Surprisingly it is not a hip fashion line nor a hot designer, but a
soccer club currently in the German Bundesliga division 2

Nike along with FC St. Pauli has produced a Dunk Pack to show
the rebel notoriety that the club is known for. Consisting of a Nike Dunk Hi
and Dunk Lo, the Dunk Hi comes,in black the Dunk Lo in white with both
featuring unique imagery and tagging. The use of premium leathers, suede,
ostrich skin on the swoosh and woven
laces will make both of these Dunks
highly sought after.

The fans adopted the skull and crossbones as their logo in the 1980's and
that along with their actual team logo (found on the white Lo Dunk) have
been a staple in every jersey.

The Nike x FC St. Pauli Dunk Pack was released in mid May.
The white Lo Dunk (limited to 250) was released exclusively in Germany,
Austria and Switzerland. While The Dunk High was available in other European
countries (limited to 500).

1/6th Head Sculpts from Taiwan

Got these from flatop, great sculpts!
I might use them for my 3R
Imperial Japanese Army,
now i need to find the time to do it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kicks: New & Old

NEW addition!
Nike Zoom Air Dunkesto Mix-Match (a gift from my muffin)

Dunk + Presto = Dunkesto. The mashup has yielded not only comfort
but some almost limitless possibilities on the design front. Because the
toe box is created from the stretchy spandex-like material, a lots of
different prints can be achieved which would be much more difficult with
leather or nubuck. This Dunkestos features an uppers that is a mix of
different camou patterns.

Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB - Donatello - TMNT

Based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character.
The colorway features a combination of baroque brown/radiant green
with a touch of purple. CAWABANGA!

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB - Guns N Roses (Appetite for Destruction)
Nike's Skateboarding (Nike SB) 2008 March line up. Theme inspired
by the album cover of Guns N Roses’ 1987 debut album
“Appetite for Destruction” which reached No. 1 on the United States
Billboard 200 and sold 27 million copies worldwide.

The colorway features an anthracite / deep violet color-way with a red sole sitting
on a black midsole, a vibrant violet Nike Swoosh, the use of leather, suede and
a bright gradient patent leather makeup. No better pair of kicks to be seen in the
urban jungle!

Nike Vandal High Supreme Vintage - Black / Gold
The colorway features black / gold. The nylon upper which definitely gives the shoe
a more vintage look, along with gold accents, and a discolored midsole which is
alway good idea for that old skool look.

Nike Dunk Low Premium SB - Space Tiger (Randy Colvin)
The inspiration behind this masterpiece comes from the famous Randy Colvin’s
“World Industries” Velvet Deck which was first released back in 1991.
Fairly interesting deck for the time as it had black velvet flocking on it and glowed
in black light.

The shoes also feature a black / yellow ochre color-way along with a some
tiger print accents as well as space pattern on the side panels and toe boxes.

Air Rift's
A shot of all my rifts...

... & other currents kicks

“It's better to burn out than fade away.” - Neil Young

Departing tis week for Sneaker Heaven are the following
Air Rifts, Zoom & ACG.

Thanks you for all the good times,
you will all be remembered & missed dearly...

... May You Rest In Peace!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Recent New 1/6 Buys

Hot Toys Predetor Cleaner Kit Version: Must have!
Worthy replacement for my HT Scar Predator!

3G/DID Japanese Army:
Every 1/6 collector should get one of tis for their grand parents! :)

Great buys from BBICN

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recession is here! Spend! Spend! Spend!

@ PC Show:
40" LCD not actually from the PC show,
I got the Best Denki to match the offer
without having to crowd with the mass :)

@ ToyCon:

My loot @ ToyCon

My ToyCon Pass

A very nice & special gift from my muffin! Wear liao all warm &
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