Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Haul of 2009

Some nice stuff tat I was expecting & a surprise buy too!

DID Samurai Oda Nobunaga 織田信長:

My 1st international version of the DID Samurai line. Decided against the Japanese version tis round since I have got enuff of those trunks & flag poles from the first four samurai.

Toy Soldier Weekend Of Heros Nam SF:

Still no idea who is tis Lt Paul Longgrear, I am sure he kicked some ass back in nam to warrant his own action figure. You cant go wrong with TS Nam figures.

TFA Jetstorm + Jetfire = Safeguard:

Nice twin pack with a comic. Too bad it will be ripped open :)

Loose DML 0.5 Cal MGs via BBICN:

Still the best 0.5 Cal around.

& the surprisingly nice
Crazy Owners ninja gal Kunoichi:

So it was hard to pass on it. Makes me wish I have picked up one of the earlier 3 male ninja... well, I can pick up another Kunoichi to make up for it!

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