Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The forth ninja by Crazy Owners: a female ninja. Impressive lookin' & @ an attractive retail price.

She feels a bit skinny under the outfit tho'. Wonder what sort of body is under there?

Lots of loose thread ends to cut & burn off.

I folded the face mask into half & tuck it under her chin as I felt it was to wide.

It is wise to leave the face covered :)

I am unsure if it is the size her boobs or the cutting of the top tat seems to keep showing off her cleavage. Nothing a simple stitch will not fix. I feel female ninja should only use their Never Fail To Distract White As Snow Boobs Move as the final resort.

There are also two slits running down the side of her pants. I wonder what ultimate killer moves those are for... See Tis Snowy White Leg Tat Will Soon Be In Your Mouth Move?

I dont have the male ninja to reference, but it looks like the rest of her arsenal are repeat of the previous releases.


LEon said...

Look sexy and pose well. Good that you got it at a good price.

deSMOnd said...

I also saw it at my friend shop yesterday but did not buy it as I prefer more to a male Ninja. Got a feeling like this one is a replica of Ignite Ninja series. Anyway, nice score and review..

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