Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gold, Cattle & Playmobil

Got my second box of Playmobil from USA, all made possible with the help of a good friend: George Langlitz III, & Citibank's Borderlinx DHL Service.

3037 Union Gold Transport:

Playmobil used die cast metal to simulate the weight of the gold bars

3768 Silver Ranch:

This vintage set was 98% complete, a minor piece missing & another broken; but made up with two adult cattle from another set, sweet!

3802 Mclarens Goldmine:

Beautiful playset! This will go very well with my miner set. Gold mines & cattle ranches were big industries back in the wild west. I am glad is in the playmobil western theme.

3138 Sailboat:

Hoping to convert this to fit my pirate theme

4277 Caesar:

Have always saw this as a roman politician rather then Caesar, no less it is still a very nice figure

& a recent ATZ 20% off buy, 4652 Indian Chief:

1 comment:

Jessica said...

For any international toy-collectors out there, you may want to set up a US Address with http://www.BongoUS.com

It only cost me $5, I collect Star Wars figures and have found great deals on EBay. The US Address makes the whole shipping thing very simple :)

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