Monday, February 16, 2009

So Much Playmobil, So Little Time

Whatz Inside Box 3? Here are a few that were easier to recognize...
3174 Red Pirate Ship:

Got tis at a bargain since the box was soaked by water, but water does no harm to Playmobil. Not even the stickers are affected in any way!

5342 Fish Stand:

5344 Pet Shop:

Tho' from the Victorian theme, I think both sets are useful for my pirate & western theme.

The following set had their boxes discarded or it came loose (official products shots used here),

3938 Pirate Lagoon:

From the same "soaked" seller, the original box was way too big so it was discarded in the US.

3111 Naval Artillery:

3113 Soldiers with Sea robber:

3127 SuperSet Pirates:

Among all the loose parts I was able to put together tis two,
5727 Pirate Dungeon:

5746 Treehouse:

Other stuff thatz not from Box 3... DHL delivered these on Sunday,

3766 Water Tower:

My first holy grail from the western train line! It is in near mint condition. It came from a train collector rather then a playmobil collector.

3805 Snake River Ranch:

... & a gift from my co-worker who is also a Playmobil addict,

4979 Diver Game:


deSMOnd said...

I like the fish stand set..cute!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Wow...your collection has really grown!

cosmicbaby said...

ya... My apartment feels smaller now

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