Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend With Playmobils

Love them heavy showers, laze around & play with my toys!

3812 U.S. Artillery:

Got this from Robot Robot, Japan; 1400 Yen with 800 Yen shipping, thanx to Kent for making this possible. Have recently seen this closing on Ebay for US$50.

Recent buy @ ATZ's two for $10 Special's special.
4683 Cossack Soldier:

4685 Masai Warrior:

I had fun putting together 2 sets of 3806 Fort Glory over the long weekend! One MISB & the other loose. Notice there is only one watch tower as the seller (of the loose set) forgot to include it, have tried to worked this out with the seller, but he left me no choice but to go to Paypal for help... & I just got news tat Paypal
have concluded their investigation & have decided in my favour :) but I guess 1 tower is better for this current fort layout.

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