Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights

While I had Egyptians figures before the Singapore release, I just realize I have never posted them. Guess I was too busy buyin them. As I am out of space for the Pyramid, Sphinx & temple, I was better off just getting the figures loose. The Egyptians figure goes well with the other Middle Eastern figures that I got, so this post is all about the figures that fit into that part of the world.


Cleopatra & female servants:

Pharaoh & male servants:


My incomplete 4546 Nile Queen that I converted into a snake charmer:

There is an original Playmobil snake charmer that I am still seeking.

3997 Three Wise Kings:

4521 Arab Warrior:

4595 Palace Guard:

3932 Fire Wizard & 3841
Dragon's Temple Witch:

Tho' both of these are from Playmobil Magic theme, but along with
3835 Prince & Princess, 4594 Magician which I find fits in nicely. And not forgetting the Thieves/Tomb Raiders from my prevoius post.

4685 Masai Warrior (mod):

Leopard & zip-braa
prings makes tis figure BOOMZ!

...& an Arabian Swordman from my spare parts box:


LEon said...

WOw! Nice! The blue basket thingy look like EVA from Wall.E... what is it actually?

cosmicbaby said...

Tatz the EVA from Egyptian era, they were the ones who actually build the pyramids! :)

I think it is an urn, maybe for human body parts. coz before you get mummified they will empty the insides of your body.

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