Friday, March 13, 2009

Playmobil Booty!

My local Playmobil shop manager gave me this 2009 "Drachenland" figure. Discovered on Playmobil Germany site that this figure will come with the 4835 Große Drachenburg set. "Thank You For Your Visit" is printed at the bottom corner of pack, could this be a gift when one visits the playmo factory/office?

Funny tat "Drachenland" translates to "Kite Land" on Babel Fish, I would think that it should be "Dragon Land". The wing thingy on figure is pretty cool, but the recent dark knight themes are just not my cup of tea.

Added info:
I have just been informed by Playmobil guru 091 that
this was a giveaway from the 2009 Germany toy fair in Nuremberg & it was limited to the first 60th visitor only... Wow! I am shocked!

Other recent playmobil buys...
4275 Battle Tower:

4294 Lighthouse Fortress:

5779 Skeleton Shipwreck:

4593 Chef:

4594 Magician:

Thanx to Jorge for picking up the last 2 from Kuala Lumpur.

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