Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Vintage Star Wars Figures

Recently I gave all my vintage SW a soapy bath as they were getting all sticky in storage, I left them out to air a bit & had to take a few pictures of them.

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Growing up as a child, I only had 4 SW figures. They were New Hope Princes Leia, Luke, Chewbacca & ROTJ Jedi Luke (I still have that same ROTJ Jedi Luke complete till today). While I never had a group of stormtroopers, X-Wing fighter or a AT-AT Walker; but the 4 figures I had provided me countless hours of fun!

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Lookin at the pictures now, honestly I don't recall how I ended up with so many of them... I guess I was buying back a SW childhood I never had.

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A must have for me: Droopy McCool, Max Rebo and Sy Snootles (aka Max Rebo Band)!

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1 comment:

John said...

I was just going through a pile of my Star Wars figures just like this one today. Nice group of figures.

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