Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Childhood Star Wars Memorabilia

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… (1977, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be precise). I was a seven years old boy gazing at the 20 feet tall frame of Darth Vader on the cinema screen & I knew right away he was one badass! I saw Star Wars three times that month, & it went on to play a huge role in my childhood, it taught me tat the force was all around me & you say "May the force be with you" rather then good bye!

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Before I had the action figure I had this Polaroid that meant the world to me! The lighting was not perfect & it would have been better if Vader & Stormtrooper had switched places… It was taken at retail store where the action figures were sold. I am glad my parents spend their hard earned money for this photo, it is better then any Star Wars toys that I have!

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Here is half of my Empire Strikes Back ticket from August 1981. Back when tickets were tickets & not a electronically stub! & when you only had to pay RM$2.50 for a movie. The cinema ran a "Know your robot" contest at that time for some unrelated soft drink prizes.

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For those who were able to catch the first round of Star Wars like me… it was truly a very special magical time & I don't think it will ever wear off... May the force be with us!


LEon said...

Wow this is so great to have your photo taken and you kept the ticket. The ticket look really special. I can see you value these very much. Thanks for sharing and may the force be with you...always.

The Rebel said...

Greatest memories of any SW ever for sure!!! I've watched ROTJ too in KL when I was a kid....I was a mere 5-yr old fan back then....very unfortunate I didn't keep any of the memoribilias eg. the ticket stub, sticker poster, mugs etc from the premier show.....*sigh*....absolutely love ur pic with them screen characters!

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