Monday, May 7, 2012

April 2012 Loot

1st up, my haul from Hong Kong...

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3A: Old Guard T King SBV
3A: Shit Mood Lady Sham
3A: Yesterday Princess

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3A: Nabler Snoogler
3A: Mong​rol & the Mess Blackhole Edition
3A: Square MK2 Kid Sarge 10 Pack
3A: Ankou EX SXCLB H Shadey

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3A Publishing: Raw Fuck It #1
3A Publishing: Fuck It #4
3A Publishing: Cult Of Beauty

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3A: DIY Boss
Misc 1/6 Loose Parts

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Medicom: 400% Jack Skellington Kubrick

My haul from my local dealer...

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Hot Toys: MMS150 Iron Man2 Mark II (Armor Unleashed Version)

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3A: Penumbra
3A: Shadowz

My haul from evil-bay...

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Playmobil: 3443 Vintage 1974 Medival Barn House

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Playmobil: 3444 Vintage 1974 Guard Room

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Playmobil: 3428 Vintage 1976 Stall & Magazin

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Playmobil: 3419 Vintage 1980 Fort Randall

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Playmobil: 3799 Vintage 1991 Pirate Island

My haul from

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Playmobil: 6204 Shepherd with Flock of Sheep
Playmobil: 6214 Windmill
Playmobil: 6218 Large Barrel
Playmobil: 6219 Medieval Bakery
Playmobil: 6224 Beach Family
Playmobil: 6225 Motorcycle Workshop Interior
Playmobil: 6228 British Redcoat General
Playmobil: 7021 Pig and 6 Piglets
Playmobil: 7145 Medieval House with Barn
Playmobil: 7917 Horse Shed

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Playmobil: 4244 Egyptian Chariot
Playmobil: 4398 My Take Along Western City
Playmobil: 4399 Express Stagecoach
Playmobil: 4886 Three Wise Kings
Playmobil: 5131 Fisherman with Boat
Playmobil: 7145 Nativity Scene with Stable


1 comment:

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

Speechless (Jaw drops, drool flows)..... wipes drool from mouth and picks up jaw from floor. Congrats on a FANTASTIC haul ;p

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