Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Kicks

Nike Vandal High Supreme EX. Metal Pack:
Got tis unique looking Nike Vandal last week,
part 1/2) of the Nike Metal Pack.

Tis kick feature a black upper along with gold accents, as well
as studs across the shoe.
It is said there was a guitar pick hung
on the shoe as well; but I did not find any in
the box :(
Got to luv the wooden lookin soles!
This is a Nike’s Fall 2008 general release.
Next up is the Terminator Metal Pack. Cant wait!

Nike Dunk High Premium 1 Piece - Green (Seafoam/Chlorophyll):
The Nike Dunk High Premium 1 Piece means what it says - ONE piece.
seamless upper tats entirely ONE piece. A special feature is its vintage/retro
look which would go lovely with some stone washed faded denims.

Released back in Feb 08, I waited till it was on 20% marked down.
Too many kicks & too little $$$! I guess for tis is one of those kicks
tat either you luv it or you hate it!


Shaun said...

these two are equally funky kicks, marcus.

cosmicbaby said...

Yup! Old man like me need funky kicks to hide his age :)

Shaun said...

where got old man? but we should all learn from TED for his secret of looking youthful.

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