Thursday, October 23, 2008

Robots, Guns & A Frog!

Never a good idea to visit toy shops after work...

CM's Master Action Series - Blocker Corp Machine Blaster:

Half of my Blocker Corp Machine Blaster has arrived! Sundaio & BossPalder are the first pair to be released. Robocules & Bullcaesar should be here in early November. Not an anime thats known to many locally, these were the only two boxes brought in by TFH for neoconvoy & myself. Many thanx to the guys at TFH.

Revoltech #63 Ricky:

Now waiting the dog character to complete the family

Hot Toys Modern Firearms Collection Series 4:

Great picts of the contents found at Shaun's blog

1 comment:

Che Wan Ruzil said...

Todoroku raimei arashi wo tsuite
Yuke (yuke!) yuke yuke (yuke!) BLOCKER FOUR
Kitazo MOGURU jigoku no taigun
Mamore bokura no machi to umi wo
Moeru sigi no EREPAS komete
Ima da ATTACK engetsu kaiten
Kudaite miseruze aku no kiba

This anime was aired over RTM dubbed in Bahasa Malaysia somewhere in 1978/79...I was still in kindergarten..but watching it remains one of my fondest childhood memories..if only I could get my hands on those toys, i'd be a 36 year old kid hehehe

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