Friday, March 20, 2009


My playmobil western theme HOLY GRAIL in-hand! The score now stands at 2 of 4. This is a childhood dream come true, guys around my age may have faint memory of this train running over their heads while dining at a local Mac Donald's outlet a long time ago... The steam engine & the two passenger cars in-tow just need the tracks & transformer speed control! The playmobil trains are in G scale, a popular scale for collectors of train sets (G scale = approx 1/24 scale). I might be looking out for the the cattle/freight & the money train carriages when this train is up & running!

4054 Western Locomotive:

President Abe Lincoln (not from tis train set) seen here officially welcoming "Steaming Mary".

4120 Western Passenger Car:

History time: Steam trains dominated railroad usage from the start of the 19th century, until the end of the 20th Century. Starting in
1804 (in Great Britain), steam locomotives were developed, used & gradually improved for the last 150 years. However steam locomotives were gradually superseded by diesel and electric locomotives from the1930's.


LEon said...

Man that one cool train. How long is the track? or does it come with one. Bro want me to do a playmobil banner for you if your playmobil? LOL

cosmicbaby said...

Thanx Leon! The tracks are sold as other sets, so it is up to indivial how many they need. The straight tracks comes in 30cm & 60cm, while 4 pcs of the curve tracks creates a semi circle with a 1.2 meter diameter. Dont understand the final part of your posting...

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