Thursday, March 12, 2009

Naval Clipper Schooner Ship

According to wikipedia:
A clipper was a very fast sailing ship of the 19th century that had multiple masts and a square rig. They were generally narrow for their length, could carry limited bulk freight, small by later 19th century standards, and had a large total sail area. Clipper ships were mostly made in British and American shipyards, though France, the Netherlands and other nations also produced some. Clippers sailed all over the world, primarily on the trade routes between the United Kingdom and its colonies in the east, in trans-Atlantic trade, and the New York-to-San Francisco route round Cape Horn during the California Gold Rush. Dutch clippers were built beginning in 1850s for the tea trade and passenger service to Java.

A schooner (pronounced /ˈskuːnɚ/) is a type of sailing vessel characterized by the use of fore-and-aft sails on two or more masts. Schooners were first used by the Dutch in the 16th or 17th century, and further developed in North America from the early 18th century onwards.

Multiple masts and a square rig? Fore-and-aft sails on two or more masts?
I am confused... I don't see any on this Playmobil 3055 naval clipper schooner ship... I guess it is a water-ed down version of a combine clipper & schooner, confuse? But I think the white hull & the classy blue/white sails are beautiful, & makes the ship very British lookin too. The Playmobil Collector book has a rating of "Very Rare" for this toy. I am just glad I got it off a Dutch collector (who is giving up tis hobby) for a very good price.


LEon said...

Good score bro. I like the Playmobil with a long side burn.

cosmicbaby said...

Thanx Leon! The sideburn thing is cute. the same slot for the sideburns can also be used for ear rings & beards!

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