Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ambitious But Rubbish

Fresh off the last Playmobil pool shoot, we decided to quickly do another... with bigger ships, bigger numbers, bigger crew, & even more cameras! This will be better then the previous... but the results were far from it.

Minimun of two ships per collector made up an impressive lineup

Resized JPEG graphic

& it also resulted having three ship of the same kind...

Resized JPEG graphic

Due to the strong winds, they finally had to be strung together...

Resized JPEG graphic

Strong winds tipped ships with sails over easily...

Resized JPEG graphic

capsizing the ships many times

Resized JPEG graphic

I spend more time bailing water out of them vs getting any decent photos...

Resized JPEG graphic

The noon heat did not help either, but cooling off was easy. However there were no solutions for pesky kids

Resized JPEG graphic

Much was learn from this round, hopefully there will be another in the future. Now I can only hope the yet to be developed underwater film will bear some fruits.

Resized JPEG graphic


LEon said...

OMG! That's impressive!

hock said...


ZEROCAL said...

What a nice idea! Let your clickies sail away!

I liked your blog very much and I invite you to get a look in to my blog:

Congratulations from Brazil!

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