Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"S" is for Sunday! "S" is for Shopping!

Still bleedin form Saturday, but tats no reason to stop.
Got myself some new releases & some oldies but goodies.

Revoltech #61 Jin Roh Protect Gear:

Nice finishin, fabric area = matt, armor area = gloss,
simple & effective, but many toys makers have gotten it so wrong.

He must be wearing the wrong shoes! I felt his footwear are
too small,
gives him the chicken feet look!
All the weapons colour should have
been in gun metal
vs the silver colour now currently.

Not the best of articulation coming from Revoltech.
The loops tat holds up the shoulder armor gets in the way,
a solution
would be to thin it down with a cutter.
The tube tat runs along the arm
is too short, it popped out
when I try to bend the elbow fully.
Softer & more rubberized material was used for the lower body,

allowing the figure to crouch down, smart!

Far from Revoltech's standards tat we come to know,
guess I have to put off the idea of getting a team of them...

Nike Terminator Supreme - White / Gold:

Nike Terminator Supremes originally hit shelves in 1985 (the first year of the
Air Jordan Production). Originally released
as a basketball sneaker for many
college teams, & now Nike will
re-release this all time favorite in a white/gold colorway.

This colour-way was release exclusively on August 2 at Atmos in Japan.
Glad I got mine locally via LeftFoot.
White kicks never top my list, but when
you put some bling on it,
it turns to gold!

Takara 勇者王ガオガイガー Cyborg Guy (Shishioh):

Cyborg Guy is based on the Takara Henshin Cyborg body,

maybe the only 12" figure tats from the The King of Braves
GaoGaiGar anime.

Hesitated getting it when it was first released, I have been lookin for it
since then, & am I glad to have found it
at the fleamarket for SGD$19,
tho' not MISB, but I am just as happy!

Cyborg Guy is equipped with Ultimate Armor, Will Knife & a light up
(un-tested yet) which is suppose to be a G-Stone-powered mechanical heart,
keeping him alive and giving him superhuman strength.

Hot Toys Weapons M60:

Finally got me the long barrel version!

Revoltech #52 Lazengann:

One sleek mecha from Gurren Lagann, so sleek is fit for a king!
The Lazengann is Lord Genome's personal Gunman. It is very
similar to
the Gurren-Lagann and has the same abilities that the
Lagann can use.
However, it is much stronger and can use more
powerful drill techniques.
Lovely form!

Revoltech #26 EVA-Mass:

Oldie but goodie! Too bad the normal version did not come with
any weapons.
But those wings are just amazing!

1 comment:

neoconvoy said...

wah, great revoltech haul ! getting the poison slowly i see...

oh man, the cyborg guy is a great score ! and only S$19 !! i seldom see this figure locally...

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