Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Damages...

Lots of red coulour this week...
Revoltech 天元突破 Gurren Lagann Drillized version.
Lots of drill tats sharp & surprisingly strong enuff to hold its shape,
totally not child safe toy, tats why every child out there should have one :)

I gave in... I bought the restock wave of Hasbro's Ironman figures, there was
no MK1 this time around tho', neither did i see any Titanium Man either

Varian of Ironman proto-type, with the mask on!?
Tot i found a gem, but turn out they are all over
the other stores :(
I guess is the new packing for the restock wave

& a Blythe cutie,
hopefully she will be customized into something else real soon :)

1 comment:

neoconvoy said...

all those red must be you bleeding right now after these purchases...

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