Friday, November 7, 2008

Playtime with Playmobil

The 4665 Camp Cowboy is really really nice!

for a single pack figure, he does comes with lots of gear

Crusader Knights ready for battle!

The price in the middle is made with from parts of 4666 Courageous Knight

What has become of my 4666 Courageous

Two ghosts meets


neoconvoy said...

damnit !!!

Little Plastic Man said...

The Crusader Knights are awesome!! I'm losing it...the fight to resist collecting Playmobil...No! No! No!

cosmicbaby said...

The Crusader Knights are getting hard & harder to come by now... only selected stores have them currently. They are more often seen @ TRU with a $1.00 higher pricing on their single pack figure

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