Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Review: Taowan's 1/6 Sd.Kfz.222 Armored Car

Came as three separate pieces: main body plus wheel, turret, & 20mm canon. Four thin metal strip needs to be bend inwards to connect the turret to the main body. There must be a better way to do tis...

A booklet, 1x jerry can, 1x bucket, 1x pan was included too. Heard another collectors box came missing a jerry can

Some of the bolts on the hinges are a bit too big

The latches are simple but workable. The pad locks at the bottom are a nice touch

... & the storage compartments & hatchs can be open

There are detail on the inside of both hatch doors & a working lock from the inside

Tow cable can be remove. Headlights are hollow inside, possibility of fixing LED lights

The spring suspensions on all four wheels works separately

The jack can be remove but it does not work

The two triangle panel on the front hood can be lifted up

Windows can be open but the arm holding them are not accurate

The stenciled markings are badly done

Some of the metal has rusted (under the pipe cover). Heard from a collector that his front wheel axle broke off due to a rusted rod

Engine cover opens, this area was left unpainted

The nuts holding the spare tyre are oversized, is not trouble as I will have a cover over mine later

The front wheel turns but it is not connected to the steering wheel inside the driver compartment. The rubber sheet used for the mud flaps are too thick

Lots of details under the carriage. I am not sure if they are accurate

There is a short swing arm hangin in between the axle & I have no idea wat it is?

Details of the back suspensions

Top view of the 20mm. The plate on the barrel of the canon is flat & too thick so it does not fit into the turret nicely, so modification work will have to be done

Mag clip of the 20mm is removable. Wonder why an electric wire is use as a tubing near the scoop

A slot for a MG34 (not included) is available, however I have not try fixin one on

Tho' it is not as accurate, lack details in some areas, & still with much room for improvements, but overall it's still value for money piece. With a bit of work on it I think the result will be very promising. I salute Toawan for producing this when even some bigger companies wouldn't even dare. I do look forward to their future releases


weylen said...

Hi,I'm Flaptop.I'm happy to look over your collection here.These are great shot of Sdkfz.222.BTW,Can I linking your blog!

cosmicbaby said...

sure, you are most welcome to link up!

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