Sunday, November 16, 2008

Review: Merit's SCAR & Toys City's Russian SVT-40

The Merit International SCAR is by far the nicest in the 1/6th market. Excellent sculpt & crisp tooling. But the QC was a bit let down tho'

My black SCAR had a bend barrel & a nozzle almost breaking off.

While the tan SCAR was missing a fore sight.

Guess those extra barrels from the Toy Soldier SCAR rifle set will come in handy now.
Set came with 2x slings, 4x magazine clips, 1x scope, 1x fore-grip, 1x laser pointer, 1x 40mm grenade launcher & 3x 40mm rounds. A bit lacking in the attachment department.

On the other hand Toys City's Russian SVT-40 is very well done, quality on par with DML weapons. I think for a small size company it is very impressive. Set included two leather pouches of different sizes. Rifle came with a tan sling as well. Here Toys City chose to make an early version of a SVT-40.

The SVT rifle was produced in the model 40 configuration from 1940 thru 1945. It was the first mass issued semi automatic weapon in service with a major power. It's detachable magazine clip held 10 rds of 7.62mm ammunition and a integral muzzle break was standard for this weapon.

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