Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playmobil Pirates

My muffin got me an excellent Playmobil Pirate Flagship for my birthday!
Thank you!

3940 Pirate Flagship:

& tat got me started on a new toy front: Playmobil!
I been tryin very hard to stay clear of Playmobil for a long time, as it is not the most affordable toys, & to go back to look for what I have missed out thru the years is scary. The quality & durability of the toy is amazing, I still have the 4 figures from my childhood & they look very good for their age despite all the "adventures" I put them thru. The pirate ship sure made me wanna go out & buy wat I did not have as a child! I wish to focus on the pirate line for now... but I think tis is only the beginning of more un-controllable buyin...

3939 Pirate Crew:

4654 Pirate:

4658 Deep Sea Diver:

4671 Ghost Pirate:

5814 Pirate & Corsair:


Little Plastic Man said...

Playmobil is an awesome toy line to collect but its freaking expensive! I aways wanted to collect them (had a few when I was young) but don't think can afford. BTW, would love to link up.

cosmicbaby said...

Link-up done! Playmobil is so cute & playable it is hard to hold back! Give in, you know you want it!

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