Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playtime: Ironman Action Figures by Mattel

I was rather disappointed with the paint job (of 3 figures), paint chips &
uneven paint application.
One of my MK3 shoulder armor was half painted.
MK2 looks very battle worn, but much much better them MK3.

Titanium Man comes up tops, well painted & smooth plastic casting.
If Titanium Man's joints were painted in a darker green
or a metallic green
(vs current bright green) it would be nicer.
I dont even consider Iron Monger
as the metal colour is from the cheap shinning plastic material.

They aren't Revoltech in terms of articulation...

& the choice of material used was not the wisest.

Iron Monger only have movable arms & only one single movable leg;
guess the "press my leg together" for smash action gears got in the way.

Did the other version of Iron Monger have more articulation?

The ball joints near the crotch of MK2 & 3 is a pain,
as you have to rotate
it to the front to get a front kick &
rotate it to the side to get a side kick...

Both my Ironman MK2 & 3 had their leg ball joins welded by the paint.
Used a cutter to separate them.
MK2 & 3 uses a soft rubbery material
for the spacer between the elbow & knees;
the joints were bend
according to the way it was press into the bubble holder
when I took them
out. Boiling water took care of this.
Casting on the mid-thigh area of MK3
was shocking, but the same problem
is not seen on MK2 even when their
are from the same mold... strange!
Once again Titanium Man came up top in
both material used & articulation,
I guess is the right use of material that helps
in the articulation department.


neoconvoy said...

bro, the Open Hatch Iron Monger has much better articulation...the hip joints are real ball joints, not like this close hatch version...which is a half-ass version...

BaseGuardian said...

Nice, but It hink this is not Mattel products. It's hasbro

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