Sunday, October 12, 2008

A World In Turmoil

Utilities fees 20% hike, phone lines rental $10 additional, bus fare continues to increase... & after all the price adjustments, they conveniently make it official: Recession is here!

One would think tat something so big would not have escape the watch eyes of Doctor Strange, Dr Fate, Dr Manhattan or the Vision. If they foresaw it... where was the warning!? Or were they too busy sellin off their own stocks before it gets reduce to nothing?

Could the likes of Reed Richards, Victor von Doom, Oracle, Bruce Wayne, Henry Hank McCoy & Adrian Veidt, some of the world's brainiest brains came up with a better rescue plan?

Does tis crisis makes Bruce Wayne & Tony Stark half-a-billionaire?

Where are the Justice League of America, the Avengers, the Green Lantern corp, the X-Men when the world spins into a vortex of shattered hopes & broken dreams?

Could it been tat super hero powers dont work on financial issues?
Until there's a
Greenback Man, Euro Knight, Super Pounder, Dough Boy or Cash Woman... over the weekend I went & bought toys hoping it will help the economy flow.

Hot Toys Batman TDK:

Excellent reviews with tones of picts by Shaun & Alex

Hot Toys She Predator:

More great picts & review by Shaun

Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer:

Doubles up as a bicycle helmet too!

SOC Daimos:

TFA Skywarp:

& some very unexpected finds... nicely crafted & super good value, making them totally irresistible!
Kamen Riders Trading Helmets:

Medicom Kamen Rider & Spiderman Custom Head Sculpts:

SIC Custom Head Sculpts:

& from Sunday's fleamarket... Spawn Animated & Alien Egg:


Shaun said...

nice score on the custom heads, Marcus, and thanks for the links.

neoconvoy said...

bro, where you bought the 12" custom heads and sic heads ?

***Firestarter1331*** said...

nice...I have a DX Beat Chaser and I want to customize it. do you know where I can have it repainted? also do checkout my blog as well.

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