Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bandai Movie Realization Batman & Bat-Pod

Got this on Tuesday drop at the bird shop. I tot it would be a good
companion for
the "comin soon" Hot Toys Batman & Bat-Pod.
Tis came in a box way too big for the toy,
too much empty space for too
little toy!
The Bat-Pod is heavy due to the die cast metal, nicely done,
but the painting was a bit of a let down,
my piece has some paint rub
on the front fork,
guess is extra battle worn version for me!
I did not try very hard to get Batman on to his Pod last nite,

fearin I will break the handle bar which is made of plastic,

I felt tat is one important part tat should have been in metal!

Mr Testicular has lots of excellent picts & review on his blog,
do check it out!


Shaun said...

simi mr testicular lah. yah the handle bar can give quite abit of heart palpitations.

tomztoyz said...

Oh My God!!

That Bat-Pod is totally & completely INSANE! I wish I was not so broke right now, ha!

BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

Thanks, Tommy

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