Sunday, October 26, 2008

Toyogo Lighting System

The Toyogo Lighting System is a cheap lighting for small product shoots at home & is DIY too. Talk-cock sessions over coffee with a Digital Touch-up artists friend resulted in the making of tis. The idea started out as a cardboard light-box with tracing paper soon became something a bit more advance, steady, easier to use & quick to stow away, & yet still affordable to produce.
My friend shared the idea with his father & some how got his dad to make it (so... do exploit tis avenue). It was once used to do simple product shots for his touch-up work, but since gettin a real lighting system he has been stopped usin the these lights. Recently he pass them to me knowing I will have better use for it. Now I just need a better camera...

The system in action:

I use my Lazy-lay chair as a infinity back drop, but it is only good for smaller objects.

what went into makin it:
2 Toyogo tupperware
4 Energy savin daylight bulbs
4 Bulbs screw-on holder
2 Cheap pan/tilt tripod
Reflective silver sticker/foil
Wires & plugs
Screw & nuts
Unwanted hard plastic wire casing

Mom's best friend

Cut a small opening on the side of the lid allows the wire to be store inside the container.
Stack up tupperware to save space.

Bulbs holders fasten to container with screw & nuts, both bulbs are on a one wire parallel linked up Reflective silver sticker/foil are stuck across the whole container inner surface.

Small pieces of hard plastic give extra support for the screws & act as a point to fix the tripod base plate.
Tripod base plate screwed into tupperware...

...makes it easy to put the lights up or remove from the tripod legs.

Some picts I took with the lights...


Shaun said...

that's one funky set up, Marcus!

deSMOnd said...

The light effect is good!

cosmicbaby said...

Thanx guys! Hopefully better pictures from me in future!

LEon said...

Thanks for sharing. How much is that total cost?

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